Hot off the press. What is LifeWave X39?

Imagine the benefits of an activated stem cell product that restores wellness in your cells. No matter what your current lifestyle is, this could help boost you to a whole new level of vitality. Improvements are seen in energy levels, sleep quality, reduced minor pain, reduced appearance of lines and wrinkles, and the promotion of natural wound healing. 

LifeWave X39 is the product that offers all these things and more. It’s a patch that has been designed with phototherapy which is believed to active your body’s stem cells. Through the phototherapy process the LifeWave X39 elevates levels of the peptide GHK-Cu, this peptide declines in the body with age, and once you’re into your sixty’s studies have shown that these levels may drop by more than 60 percent.

Clinal studies on the function of GHK-Cu have shown that this peptide is responsible for some remarkable benefits in the human body, such as supporting the body’s natural healing process. What’s more amazing is that GHK-Cu has been shown to reset the body’s genes to a younger state, and in some clinical work down by a team of genetic doctors, they discovered that when GHK-Cu is exposed to old liver cells, the old cells started to function like younger cells!

Throughout the past decade, David Schmidt and his team of researchers at LifeWave in San Diego, California have been searching for new methods to drastically speed up the way that the human body heals after injury. The discoveries and the inventions that David and his team have made have led to the creation of over 70 international patents in the medical area of regenerative science. His inventions have been ground-breaking, with one initial trial involving flat worms (a stem cell bio-model) showing an incredible 90% improvement in the wound healing speed. Further studies with humans and animals showed that certain applications of the electromagnetic fields created by these particular devices indicates that the activity of stem cells in animals and in humans could indeed be enhanced and could heal faster when compared with no therapy being applied.

Putting all of this in an easier to understand form, here is the key problem that is being solved with the LifeWave X39. So as the body ages the stem cells in our body become far less effective at repairing other cells. By the time we reach the age of 60, the stem cells in our body are basically winding down, and they are much slower at releasing the important growth factors that our body needs to be healthy. By the time we reach our mid-70s, the body shows almost no stem cell activity whatsoever!

In the field of stem cell medicine, most companies are working on a procedure of injecting stem cells from a young donor into the body of an older recipient. While this does seem promising, the are a few problems with it. First, is that it is potentially dangerous (uncontrolled cell division). Second, it is costly (in excess of $10,000 for a single treatment). And third, it isn’t legal (most countries have not approved stem cell therapy).

Yet what if there was a way that we could “reset” our stem cells and get them to act like younger and healthier cells. The good news is that there is! It’s the LifeWave X39 and its incredibly safe, just as effective, and extremely inexpensive.

LifeWave’s Benefits:

Supports Wound Healing and Pain Relief
The X39 has received some of the most impressive testimonials on its performance with wound healing. Wound healing is a natural process and because of this the body needs stem cells to help out. But as we age, our stem cells become less effective. Yet with the X39, you can activate your old stem cells and support your body’s natural healing processes.
Clinical research has shown that using the X39 for just 6 weeks transforms the vascular system into behaving as if it had become a few months younger!

Increased Energy

LifeWave’s consumer use testing suggests that users of the X39 experienced increased energy. When compared with the baseline, the results showed an overall improvement in energy within the body, organ balance, and the symmetrical distribution of energy.
Clinical research has shown that the longer the X39 is used, the more benefits you’ll see! A study was done using Bio-Well technology, and it showed that those who used the X39 for 6 weeks had almost double the improvements in energy, when compared with those who only used the X39 for 3 weeks.

Sleep Benefits

LifeWave’s consumer use testing also suggests that X39 users experienced natural improvement in the quality and the duration of their sleep.

Improved Skin Appearance

The X39 can help you not only feel younger, but it can help you look younger too! After applying the X39 patch, the appearance of lines and wrinkles in your skin will begin to significantly reduce.


During initial clinical work by Dr. Loren Pickart, it was revealed that when the GHK-Cu peptide is elevated in the body, we see that the body’s cells start to act like younger and healthier cells. Which helps to restore our cells to a younger state!

Quicker Exercise Recovery

X39 users have reported drastic improvements in not only their sports performance but their recovery too.

Reduction in the Appearance of Scars

Many X39 users report that after they have used the product for several weeks, they notice a reduction in the visible appearance of scars. This reduction is a common attribute of elevating copper peptide levels, which is known as remodelling.
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