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    Healy Technology

    Healy technology uses 144,000 healing frequencies which affect imbalances in the body – including emotions and thoughts. Healy takes that imbalance out of the body, it counteracts imbalances which contribute to pain, immunity issues, toxic build up, migraines, headaches, hormonal problems, weight gain, insomnia and other physical and emotional troubles.

    Harmonise your Bioenergetic Field

    Balancing all the bodily functions

    Relax program has an anti-stress effect

    Systemically discover the source of your pain

    Healy Device

    Scientific Principles

    Healy technology is German , based on the scientific principles of quantum physics Healy devices analyse and measure the energetic imbalances on three levels – physical, mental, ad emotional – in order to emit specifically customised frequencies which will readjust your emotional and cellular energy centres to align with bio-energetic balance.

    Healy Programs

    TimeWaver* and Healy technology is being used by over two thousand doctors, healing practitioners, and therapists in over forty countries globally. Over half a million frequency applications have been used with patients, this is a popular and world-wide technology.

    The Healy packages

    The Healy device price is dependent on what package you want, you can start out with a base Healy device or a complete package.
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    So, you want your own Healy device?



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