Quantum Field Medicine

What is quantum field medicine?

Quantum Field Medicine is a type of alternative medicine which has its origins in newly discovered insights in the field of quantum physics, psychology and neurophysiology.
Quantum Field Medicine affects the atomic and subatomic level of matter, as well as the subtle bioenergy fields which the human body has. Scientific studies show that all matter is composed of energy, frequencies, and vibration. Therefore, matter can be influenced through an external application of the correct frequencies through resonance. Frequencies and resonance such as sound, light, and higher vibrations which are imperceptible to humans.
Frequency based bio-resonance has been used therapeutically in some form or another since ancient times to treat illness and disease as well as supporting mental and physical wellbeing.

Electro magnetic resonance

Since early in the 20th century scientists and physicians have been exploring the field of vibrational medicine, frequency therapy, and quantum healing. Raymond Royal Rife made the discovery that each organ, illness, and pathogen can be targeted through using a sequence of frequencies specifically chosen (MOR-mortal oscillatory rate). To apply these frequencies to the body, he used a device called a PEMF – which is a plasma-tube emitting a resonant electromagnetic field (PEMF) During his lifetime he studied and collated information regarding over 1500 illnesses and medical conditions which can be treated with Rife-technology.
After Rife’s death several of his colleagues in the scientific community based their work from his findings.
Rife, like the two German medical doctors Reinhard Voll and Franz Morrell (the founders of the EAV aka the electro acupuncture Voll), used the Voll and radionics meter and the MORA-treatment device, both working on the quantum field by using frequencies.
From the 1980’s Hulda Regehr Clark, a Canadian naturopath and alternative practitioner, discovered that significant causes of most diseases include parasites and pollutants. These pollutants and parasites can be destroyed through applying specific frequencies which were generated through a simply and popular handheld device called the ‘zapper’.
Healy devices analyse

Timewaver and Healy

The German physicist and philosopher Marcus Schmieke developed the Timewaver at the start of the 21st century. The device was based on new insights in to quantum physics as described by Nicolai Kozyrev and Burkhard Heim. The Timewaver device is able to connect to the information field – otherwise called the quantum field – by applying frequencies from a noise generator and passed through a special piece of hardware called a ‘Kozyrev-mirror’. Using the Timewaver, you can dynamically read information – and write information – to and from the information field.
The Healy device was developed based on the findings of the Timewaver, and after joining forces with a Portuguese physicist and alternative medicine practitioner Nuno Nina. The Healy Device is regarded as a portable follow up to the Timewaver. Because the Healy device uses the same frequencies and resonance techniques as the Timewaver but is stored entirely in a compact device which can be connected to your smart phone or tablet.

Colour & Light therapy

All light falls within the visible and invisible spectrum, from infrared to ultraviolet. These light frequencies can be used to affect and influence the world around us – this is why different lights can be used to affect chemical reactions, like setting nail polish or causing certain materials to glow. Frequencies set to specific ranges can strengthen the formation of ATP – an important energy carrier for the body which can activate hormonal releases such as endorphins, oxytocin, and prolactin. A range of health concerns such as migraines and headaches have been provably affected b y coloured light treatments.

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