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The Healy device is used to enhance recovery, general wellbeing, and overall wellbeing by harmonizing your Bioenergetic Field rather than diagnose, cure, or prevent disease. The information provided on this website is for reference and personal education purposes only. The Healy device and information regarding the Healy device should not be considered as a substitute for medical advice, treatment, or diagnosis. Always consult a qualified medical professional to diagnose and treat medical complaints.
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Healy Gold

Include with Healy Gold is the Healy hardware, an IMF program page of your choice, and the Nuno Nina Gold Cycle.
The Nuno Nina Gold Cycle programs can be used to harmonise your Bioenergetic Field, to assist recovery from negative experiences, wellbeing, restoring emotional balance, and for relaxation.
Healy Gold
Healy Gold is the Healy hardware

Healy Holistic Health

Healy Holistic Health contains a Healy device, the Nuno Nina Gold Cycle, as well as 8 IMF program pages that help you harmonise your Bioenergetic Field.
These IMF program pages are:

Healy Holistic Health Plus

This is the whole Healy device package! With Healy Holistic Health Plus you will get everything included in the Healy Holistic Health package as well as six additional IMF program pages, and over 120 Healy programs!
Healy Holistic Health
Healy Holistic Health Plus

Healy Resonance

Healy Resonance Edition contains all of the products include with Healy Holistic Health Plus in addition to the app HealAdvisor Analyze with Resonance and Aura settings.
The Aura Module allows you to identify the energy distribution of your chakras and analyze the balance. When you have looked at the Information Field and the emotional background analysis you can identify ways to optimise this balance. You may apply these optimization patterns to balance out any emotional imbalances the analysis has found, many people work with their practitioners to work these patterns in with their other remedial plans.

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