Healy Programs

The Healy Frequency Programs are available in 4 package options.

Each Healy device package comes with the Gold Cycle, Deep Cycle and Bioenergetic Boost Frequency programs.
The 4th Edition of the Resonance comes with all the Healy Program Frequencies and is uniquely able to scan the user and recommend the frequencies that will be of the most benefit to the user, in addition to transmitting those frequencies remotely – that is without using a microcurrent through the wristbands.

Healy Gold

Gold Cycle

The programs included with Nuno Nina’s Gold Cycle are high value all-rounder helpers which provide wellbeing support, recovery from negative influence, energy balancing, as well as relaxation.
Pure – The Pure program is the perfect place to start for a first time Healy device user. This program is specifically designed to assist the energy field of each cell to recover from the negative bioenergetic effects of things like unhealthy diet, environmental pollution, toxins, and other factors which can negatively influence your energy fields. The Pure program increases the cell ability to share frequency information.
Care – is designed to help strengthen your bioenergetic field, helping amongst other things to help strengthen the immune system. A weak bioenergetic field can be associated with several chronic and acute condition. Helping to strengthen your energy field through healthy living – the correct nutrition, pure water, and therapeutic exercise – in addition to restoring your bioenergetic balance is a beautiful way to care for your health and emotional wellbeing. Bioenergetic disorders are reduced when this energy field is cared for.
Balancing – all the bodily functions is vital for our health and overall wellbeing – both physical and mental. Balancing the bioenergetic energy fields of the lymphatic system, the circulatory system, hormones, and the kidneys is one of the keys to a healthy and balanced life. Balance is an ideal program to balance all of the bioenergetic fields of the body.
Being – Where the Balance program helps the body, the Being program helps the soul. Using the Being program should help you to attain emotional balance and help you to remain centred throughout life’s ups and downs.
Energy – Whether you are a high level athlete, a stressed employer, or an overwhelmed parent – Energy helps to support you ability to bioenergetically respond to the needs in your life.
Relax – The Relax program has an anti-stress effect, which helps your body and mind to relax. Stress can be caused by imbalances in the mind or body which can weaken your immune system, damage your physical and mental health, and even be the cause of some disease. Stress is a constant factor in modern life, and daily tension can be counteracted through use of the Relax program. Use Relax to restore your sense of balance and support your general wellbeing.
Release – Pain comes to each of us in different forms – illness or disease, injury or physical pain, environmental factors or stress, emotional trauma. These stressors have a deeper impact on the physical body than is often credited. The body has a ‘fight or flight’ defence mechanism which is very useful in survival moments – but when daily stressors over stimulate this mechanism too often the body can be affected in negative ways. The Gold Cycle Release program can be used on its own or in conjunction with the classic pain applications in Healy to systemically discover the source of your pain and release it.

PAIN : Local Stimulation

It is easy to pick up something small like an apple or tennis ball, but imagine if you had to carry it around with you all day – everyday. It would soon become unbearable. The same is true of pain, even just a little pain suffered regularly enough can become intolerable.

This program is designed to help you to manage your pain.

Chronic Pain – this program will help you with treatment of your chronic pain through the CNS (central nervous system).

1. Chronic Back pain – Local treatment of chronic back pain.
2. Tooth-Jaw local – supportive local treatment of pain in the mouth and jaw areas.
3. Joints local – Local treatment of joint pain.
4. Migraine – Cranial treatment of headaches and migraines.
5. Insomnia – Supportive treatment of troubled sleep through the Central Nervous System.
6. Mental Balance – Supportive treatment of mental and emotional stress and anxiety through the Central Nervous System.
7. Depression – Supportive treatment of depression, deep negative thought patterns and processes through the Central Nervous System.

Deep Cycle

These are only a brief description of the process and effect of the deep cycle programs. The deep cycle programs are broader than what can be discussed here, and the broader benefits are not limited to what is described here. Thes frequencies in the deep cycle programs offer a wide range of possibilities on an energetical level. It is said that users go through cycles during applications of the Healy device. These cycles are daily, weekly, and monthly in addition to classic application cycles. Th physical and energetic bodies experience different cycles in regard to healing, releasing, and letting go. The deep cycle programs support key organ systems, energetic detox, and work with the root energetic cause. Due to the way these cycles work, it can be beneficial for users to discern what stage of their current cycle they are at so that the most appropriate program can be chosen to support your balance, growth, expansion, and evolution.

First Application

The first application should be used to establish a connection and to familiarise yourself with the frequency application. The lungs and kiendeys should be energetically stimulated, hypersensitivity in the body and mind can be reduced, and balance should be increased.

Second Application

Unless the first application was too intensive, the second application should see the lungs and kidneys energetically stimulated, hypersensitivity continue to reduce and balance continue increasing.

Third Application

The third application can be applied as soon as you are ready for a more intensive application. The third application program is for an accelerated energetic detoxification in the kidneys, lungs, and heart.

Breath of Life

The energetic issues associated with lungs and the organs that surround the lungs – like breast and surrounding tissue – along with depressive feelings and weakness can be addressed by the use of this program. Breath of Life is energetically supportive to all the tissues and organ afflictions in the lungs and surrounding areas.

Clean All

Clean All is a complete energetic detox of key metabolic systems – the kidneys, liver, lungs, lymphatic system, circulatory system, and the digestive system. After detoxifying the energetic pathways of these systems, it is a good idea to follow these actions up with a sequence of applications and the Clean All program is a good one to include. When we trigger a release on any level – whether this is physical or bioenergetic – a powerful detox is often needed to release the unneeded and unwanted toxins from the energetic body and mind. this detoxification can come with physical discomfort – flu-like symptoms and side effects. The flushing of these systems should ne regular, and follow up support is advised. Remember to hydrate well and move gently after a detoxification.

Digest All

The Digest All program helps and encourages the digestive system with bioenergy. It works with the digestion on a physical level, but it also works on an energetic level. Not only does it work to help process foods for nutrient distribution it also helps you to digest new concepts and beliefs which is important for your health and growth. This program is particularly good for managing digestive issues that can block your ability to move forward – such as if stomach issues persist even after you have reduced stress and your kidneys are working well. Adhesive electrodes can be used as an alternative to the bracelet electrodes for this program, p0lacing them at ankle level on the front of the foot at acupuncture point ST 42.

Go To The Roots

This program stimulates the mental and emotional level of bioenergetic fields beyond the physical. Moving towards the true room cause, persistently disharmonious root causes can radiate throughout the body, affecting physiological and biochemical processes. It is important to only use this program when the symptoms have subsided and recovery has begun – all of your bodily processes should be working normally. The energetic causes, emotional processes, and the biochemical procedures that are associated with both the mental and physical levels will be addressed. The Go To The Roots program is most suitable as the conclusion of a series.

Free flow

Free Flow is bioenergetic support for the circulatory system and foe the oxygen supply to the cells of the body. This protocol can energetically support irregular or unstable heartbeat! You can use it after a basic lung or kidney balancing, general bodily stiffness, or circulatory blockages. It can help to support the heart and circulation, but also bioenergetically help with muscle relaxation. By bioenergetically supporting the free-flowing energy in higher energy fields in addition to those within the body, this protocol promotes unobstructed free and balanced movement of energy on all levels.

Kidney all-female & Kidney all-male

In Women: this can be used by women for energetic stimulation of the kidneys, adrenal glands, the bladder, urinary tract, ovaries, genitals and other connected bioenergetic problems common in women’s bodies.

In Men: this can be used for the energetic stimulation of kidneys, adrenal glands, the bladder, urinary tract system, prostate, genitals and other connected bioenergetic problems that occur in men.

Herring’s Law states: “All improvement occurs from within moving out, from the head moving down, and in the reverse order in which the symptoms have appeared.”

To work in reverse, means that any symptom originating from a “superior organ” and manifesting in a “subordinate organ” it must be worked out backwards. When energetical support of the kidneys is needed or kidney energy required to promote their ability to regulate things like electrolytes and pH balance it can manifest in energetic problems in the bladder or urinary system. Women may experience problems in their ovaries, vagina, or with menstruation while men may experience prostate problems or impotence.
This program is specifically designed to energetically support the kidneys and the sexual organs in men and women. Acupuncture points K5 and K6 – below the ankle and on the inner side of the food – provide the suitable electrode placement. This position K5 to K6 (SP6) is proximal to the tibial nerve which can be indirectly stimulated. 

Pure Calm

This program energetically contributes to the users emotional and spiritual balance, inner peace, as well as energetic muscle relaxation. These frequencies are largely used to help support the non-physical aspects of life.


The unbalanced energies from injuries like those that occur after medical procedures and operations can hinder recovery, this program is designed to energetically support the bioenergetic field during this time. this is a wonderful way to reconnect your mind, body, and soul after an unbalancing act such as surgery, these frequencies can energetically stimulate bone growth, tendon, skin, nerves, muscles, DNA, and your body’s cells.
Healy Health Edition

Healy Health Edition


Those people who sleep well are more rested, heltheir, and more able to perform work.
Sleep syst – these frequencies can assist the bioenergetic field to shift the body into the delta state of deep sleep.
Bed rest – Bioenergetic promotion of functions which involve the parasympathetic nervous system. The role that the sympathetic nervous system plays is in preparing the body for intense physical activities – such as the fight or flight response – while the parasympathetic has the opposite type of effect. For example, the parasympathetic system helps to slow down the heartrate, preserve energy levels, ramp up intestinal activity to help the body digest foods, and to rest.
Balanced Sleep – Bioenergetic balancing of the deep phase of sleep, to help restore and rest the physical body.
Fine flow – Ions are particles which are charged and send electrical signals through the body, this program uses bioenergetic activation through ionic activity in the body. One factor in the body’s ability to fall asleep is in the ionic charges in the extracellular fluid. The fine flow frequencies support movement of charged particles in the body. This in turn assists the body to regulate neuronal communication, as well as neurotransmitter and hormone release. These aspects all support healthy sleep states.

Mental Balance

These programs help to support you, help you to face life balanced and confident.
Inner Strength syst – promotes self-confidence, to support you when you feel uncertain, insecure, or anxious.
Emotional Well-being – a balancing program for when you feel blocked emotionally.
Feel good syst – Energetic activation to stimulate confidence where low self-esteem or dejection is causing you to feel down.
Contentment syst – Energetic balancing frequencies in this program will support a sense of wellbeing which discouraged addictive and compensatory behaviour.
Contentment acute – this program supports inner balance though cranial stimulation in cases of nicotine dependence. To help with feelings of inner contentment, safety, and support in acute states of addiction. The frequencies in this program promote inner contentment and feelings of safety and support.
Inner Unity – this triggers an energetic restoration of your overall sense of psychic wholeness and emotional awareness.
Well-being Soul – for treatment of compulsive or obsessive actions and behaviour, energetic balancing of these drives. These frequencies can help to move awareness away from the obsession or obsessive action and help to discover harmony and fulfilment from within.
Mental balance acute – this program helps to support positive thinking and mental balance through cranial stimulation.

Meridians 2

Life energy that connects everything, stimulating this flow.
Hormonal balance – supporting balanced hormones energetically.
Circulation – Energetic support for the circulatory system. Circulation is an important physical and energetic highway, it is responsible for transferring oxygen rich blood to the cells as well as essential nutrients that are vital for good health and play a role in blood pressure.
Liver – energetically supporting metabolism regulation.
Lungs – Energetically supporting the balance of the respiratory system.
Lymphatic system – Energetic regulation of the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is responsible for the transport of toxins – it helps to rid the body of unwanted materials and helps to fight infection.
Stomach – Energetic harmonization of gastric functions. The stomach is the main agent in breaking food down into its nutrient parts to be delivered by the blood stream.
Spleen-Pancreas – Stimulating the spleen and pancreas energy fields.
Nerve Meridian – Energetic harmonization of the nerves.
Kidney – Energetic support for maintaining proper fluid balance.
Organ Meridian – Harmonizing the flow of energy or ‘chi’ between the organs. Every organ has a specific job to carry out in its own system of the body. These frequencies can help to establish cohesive and supportive energies that harmonize the organs.

Bioenergetic Balance 1

All-round Health with the “Digital first aid kit”
Immune system – Activation of the bioenergetic defence system of the body.
Cold – calming the mucous membranes bioenergetically.
Allergies – balancing the allergic reactions bioenergetically.
Eyes – balancing the retina and supporting the eyes bioenergetically.
Hormones – Bioenergetic support for hormones, hormonal release and hormone regulation.
Intestine – stimulation of the intestinal peristalsis. Bioenergetic stimulation of the muscles which are responsible for the involuntary movements in the digestive tract – like moving food along.
Nerves – regulation of the nervous system and harmonization to promote relaxation bioenergetically. Nerve cells and neurons deliver information in the body. Their long-range cellular communication is very important to overall health.
Flexibility – mobilizing the joints, tendons, and ligaments bioenergetically. These aspects of the body are responsible for a large part of movement and mobility, and support flexibility.
Circulatory System – bioenergetically stimulating the body’s energy supply. The circulatory system transfers oxygen rich blood and nutrients that are important for health.
Potency – stimulation and balancing of the reproductive organs through bioenergetic balancing.
Menopause – bioenergetically supporting this hormonal change, which can have profound effects on women undergoing this transition.
Menstruation local – Local relaxation of the lower abdomen to assist with menstrual symptoms and management.

Bioenergetic Balance 2

Your “Digital first aid kit” – The second part of All-round Health.
Gastrointestinal – balancing of the gastrointestinal tract energies.
Bacteria – Balancing the bioenergetic defence system. Because we are a symbiotic organism, we have and have bacteria and other microbes present in our bodies that we need, but these can either work for us or against us.
Tonsils – Energetically balancing the immune system in cases of infection.
Liver function – Bioenergetic promotion of the metabolism of the liver. The liver is a filtration organ, all the foods and the toxins we ingest go through the liver and then out of the system.
Food Sensitivities – supporting food tolerance bioenergetically. These frequencies lend energetic support which helps the physical body to recover from food-based stomach upsets, disturbance, or intolerance.
Toxins – Bioenergetic stimulation of the body’s ability to remove toxins and toxic debris, both from the body and from the energetic field.
Head – Bioenergetic reduction of tensions and other imbalances within the head.
Prostate – Energetic support of a healthy prostate gland, men owe a lot of their health to their prostate and caring for its energetic field is important.
Lung function – optimizing lung function bioenergetically.
Thyroid gland – regulation of thyroid function is important to many aspects of the body, and bioenergetically regulating the thyroid gland has far reaching effects.
Joints-Bones – Bioenergetically stimulating the body’s ability to heal damage from injuries and stresses through the excretion of metabolites. Energetic frequencies can assist in repairing bone cells and cartilage related to arthritic processes.
Sciatica local – Local stimulation of the sciatic nerve area to reduce tension and pain which can be debilitating in those with chronic sciatic pain.


Skin – Bioenergetic support of the epidermis.
Skin elasticity – Bioenergetic support promoting the production of collegian, elastin, and other connective tissues as well as supporting the lymphatic system which is located just beneath the skin.
Support Wounds local – Bioenergetic frequencies to support wounds at the cellular level. This program is for systemic issues related to local wounds.
Support Wounds syst – Bioenergetic stimulation of cell metabolism when specific enzymes are involved in wound healing.
Acne syst – Bioenergetic promotion of transporting toxins which can be linked to acne.
Scars syst – Balancing the energetic interference fields in scars and scar tissue. Scar tissue is composed of collagen, but the fibres are different to normal collagen tissue. These fibres are stronger and grow over the injury. When the body produces too much scar tissue, it can become painful and restrict movement. Scar tissues can be deep within the body or closer to the surface of the skin. These frequencies offer energetic support on a systemic level.
Scars local – Local stimulation of scar tissue.

Healy Health Plus Edition


Helping you to absorb knowledge faster and easier – whether this is at school in person or learning online.
Learning syst – activation of the CNS energetically promoting the ability to learn and retain information once learned. This program is best used when the person has been challenged in learning for a long period of time, and who finds learning and retaining information to be an ongoing issue.
Learning acute – Supports focus and information retention through cranial stimulation.
Memory – stimulation of the brain metabolism and supports knowledge retention energetically. The brain circulates glucose and oxygen supplies to the neurons and nerve cells which carry information creating important “neural nets” where information can be stored and then later retrieved.
Concentration systems – Bioenergetic optimization of the supply of oxygen. This will help promote higher states of concentration. This program is largely focussed on frequencies that affect the systemic level.
Concentration acute – Bioenergetic support through cranial stimulation affecting focus, acute states of concentration, and promote the ability to ignore distractions.


Whether you want to encourage top performance, stay healthy, or get fit – these programs can support your fitness goals.
Weight – Bioenergetic stimulation of waste removal systems in the body, to promote healthy weight.
Muscle – Bioenergetic optimization of cell regeneration, the frequencies in this program can help to restore and repair the microtears necessary to build muscle tissue.
Circulation – supporting the circulatory demands that exercise and metabolic supply create.
Performance – Energetic promotion of ‘Chi’ – life force energy – to support athletic performance.
Strength – Bioenergetic activation of the musculoskeletal system for strength.
Stamina – optimization of the cardiovascular system and capacity, to energetically promote endurance during physical activity.
Regeneration – Bioenergetic promotion of vitality. The frequencies used support the body to repair, recover, and rebuild cellularly after acts of physical exertion.
Deep relaxation – Bioenergetically supporting the recovery systems assisted by relaxation. Using frequencies for deep states of relaxation while the body rests, to promote restoration and recovery.


Activation – stimulate mental clarity bioenergetically when in need of top performance.
Positive thoughts – Energetic promotion towards positive thought patterns.
Balance Nerves – Bioenergetic promotion of the beta state. It is said that beta waves are the body’s normal state of awake consciousness. When we focus on memory, cognitive tasks, and the outside world we are in Beta states. Beta states give us alert, attentive thought processes. The Beta state is part of problem solving, judgment, and other focussed mental activities.
Fatigue – frequencies used to energetically support reduction of stressors which in turn put pressure on the systems of the body and cause fatigue.
Exhaustion syst – Bioenergetic balancing of the adrenal hormones. These frequencies can help the body’s endocrine system in relation to chronic and acute adrenal fatigue and exhaustion. This program is for systemic issues.
Exhaustion acute – by supporting stress resistance through cranial stimulation this program can help to balance acute exhaustion energetically.
Extreme Stress – Bioenergetic support for the mental and physical balance when you find yourself in moments of extreme stress.


Strengthen your seven ethereal energy centres
Crown chakra – ‘I am spirit’. Promote the energetic harmonization of the topics covered by the crown chakra and a connection to the higher Self. The physical connection and bringing in of energy and information from the higher dimensions.
Third eye chakra – ‘I am awareness’. Energetic harmonization of the topics of the third eye chakra. This helps to strengthen intuition and supports psychic vision and the ability to see through illusion.
Throat chakra – ‘I am communication’. Energetic harmonization of the throat chakra, and promotion of constructive and cleat communication.
Heart chakra – ‘I am love and healing’. Energetic harmonization of the heart chakra and the associated traits. By energetically stimulating and balancing of the heart chakra we promote empathy, love, and compassion.
Solar plexus chakra – ‘I am power and wisdom’. Energetic harmonization of the solar plexus chakra and the solar plexus chakra traits. Providing energetic promotion of self-confidence, inner strength, and personal power.
Sacral chakra – ‘I am creativity and sexuality’. Energetic harmonization of the sacral chakra and the associated traits. Promotion of the energetic stimulation of creativity and balanced sexuality.
Root chakra – ‘I am grounded in trust and feel safe in my life’. Energetic harmonization of the root chakra, the traits associated with this energy centre benefit from energetic activation of the feeling of basic trust, feeling safe in one’s life.


Beauty comes from within, and The Healy Beauty programs are designed to bring out that inner beauty.
Inner Beauty – by supporting the coherence and release of the energetic field this program and the chosen frequencies allow the user to attune to and support a deep and meaningful beauty that emanates from within and radiates into the world. Supporting aspects of self like compassion, purity of heart, and compassionate caring.
Aging – Bioenergetically supporting the cell. All bodies have organs, and the cells within the body also have organs which are called organelles. They are like the inner machinery of the cell and help the body build new proteins important for renewal – this program supports these organelles.
Hair – Bioenergetic stimulation or the follicles of your hair.
Nails – Bioenergetic stimulation of the tissues in the nail bed. the body’s endocrine system in relation to chronic and acute adrenal fatigue and exhaustion. This program is for systemic issues.

Protection Programs

These programs help to protect against environmental influences that can be harmful – no matter what their source is.
General protection – This program assists with energetic shielding, think of this like a blanket of energy protecting your energetic field.
Electro-sensitivity – this program will help to balance the energetic tolerance of so called “electro smog”, which can be thought of like an energetic interference from EMF, phones, televisions, computers, and other electronic devices.
Cell – strengthening the cell bioenergetically.
Mental – to promote a clear perceptual capacity, to lend support to mental pathways when they have been influenced by disharmonic influences.
Sleeping – to protect your energetic fields while you sleep.
Geopathy – helps to reduce sensitivity to interference fields like electromagnets, interference from energy shifts and earth activities. Geopathic stress refers to the energies of the earth and the ways these energies affect human wellbeing.
Subtle – protection against external energetic influence which can have an affect on your energy fields.
Planets – helping to harmonize the influences of planets and their movements.

Therapist Programs

The Therapist Programs grouping offers a place for 12 programs created for you individually by your therapist.
Your therapist can transfer them to your Healy device from a cloud database – no matter where you are in the world. The Medical Cloud enables secure data transfer between the Healy device and the TimeWaver Frequency system through use of the Therapist TAN procedure.
TAN function – this function allows your therapist to transfer your individual programs from their TimeWaver Frequency system to your Healy device, it also lets your therapist delete programs which they have already transferred to your Healy device.
Healy Frequencies Device Notice and Disclaimer
Healy is an approved class 2 microcurrent medical device in Europe and in the United States it has been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. It is used clinically for the treatment of chronic and acute pain, fibromyalgia, migraine, the symptomatic relief, and management of chronic pain.

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